In 1969 Dodge built 503 Daytona’s for the sole purpose of winning NASCAR races. The following year a highly modified version of the Plymouth Road Runner was built as a follow up to the Daytona in the form of the Plymouth Superbird. It’s very difficult to get your hands on either of these cars, but Heide Performance Products can help you get into something very similar with it’s Daytona and Superbird packages based on the new Dodge Challengers.

On the exterior, the base model kit comes with a revised front fascia, pop-up headlights, an aluminum hood, a massive rear wing, new taillights, and 20 inch wheels. Inside the car, there‚Äôs a modified instrument cluster, a custom shifter, and HHP floor mats. If the 6.1 Liter Hemi doesn’t pack enough punch for you, there are three different Supercharger kits you can choose from. Altogether, there are more than 50 different pieces you can choose from to customize your kit. Some of the more appealing options include a coil over suspension, a ground effect kit, custom paint inside the car, and new seats.

On top of the price it costs you to purchase your Dodge Challenger, these kits can cost you an additional $16,395 and work there way all the way up to $41,461. We realize that’s alot of cash to fork over, but at least you’ll be certain you’re going to turn heads wherever you go. For additional information, visit HPP’s website.